Visibility Research

CIHT has been awarded a grant of £100,000 by the Department for Transport to commission research into visibility splays at priority (major/minor) junctions, which will support the review and updating of guidance in Manual for Streets (MfS).






CIHT has been awarded a £100k grant from the Department of Transport's road safety research fund. The road safety research fund supports research that: delivers evidence to promote casualty reduction​; develops new data sets to predict collisions​; and where the findings can be applied nationally​. 

The grant will be used to conduct research into visibility splays at priority (major/minor) junctions.


Why conduct the research?

Junction visibility splays are a basic but fundamental aspect of highway engineering and most highway professionals consider that providing adequate visibility at priority junctions is vitally important to minimise collisions and casualties. However, since the publication of MfS in 2007 there has been uncertainty in the profession about the appropriate standards for visibility splays in some circumstances and the implications for road safety if they are not met.

This project will conduct research into this important issue with the objective of giving highway design professionals clear and evidence-based guidance.

Visibility splay requirements have a major bearing on the siting and design of new priority junctions and can be critical in determining whether a proposed junction, including to new developments, is acceptable. They can be the subject of intense debate around planning applications and at public inquiries involving the detailed assessment of traffic speeds and highway geometries.


Anticipated timeline 

Closing date for expressions of interest 

        1 September  2020        

Invitation to Tender issued 

        End September 2020    

Closing date for Tenders 

       Early November   2020

Project Award

       End November 2020     

Project Completion 

       End December 2021 


Consultant appointment

CIHT will be appointing a consultant to conduct the research via a specific competitive commission for the work. The responsibilities of the consultant will be to provide consistent management of the project and managing all aspects of developing the content. The content will be developed from existing and new guidance arising from several sources. 

Details about the tendering process including what we're seeking for the expressions of interest will be published shortly. Those details will be available on this webpage. If you would like to be contacted directly with regards to these details please send an e-mail to


Invitation for Expressions of Interest 

The full Invitation for Expressions of Interest document is available here:

Visibility and Road Safety at Priority Junctions - EOI


How can I get involved?

Conducting visibility research will require engagement with members as part of Members Advisory Group. If you are interested in getting involved please send an e-mail to:

Details of how and when there will be opportunities to give your input into the project will be announced in due course. 


Webinar- Understanding CIHT's Research study into Visibility and Road Safety at Priority Junctions 17 July 2020



If you wish to get in contact about the visibility research please e-mail:

Got a question? 020 7336 1571